Sunday, December 18, 2011

La Città Eterna - Ferrari 458 Italia

This is the second in a series of three images from a studio session with a Ferrari 458 Italia. 'La Città Eterna' refers to the background images from the fabulous city of Rome. The positioning of the car is slightly different from the angle of the 'Liverpool' shot, hiding the registration number. The collaged images are daylight images, using my favoured technique of creating a night time atmosphere for the final composite. The classical flavour adds to the exquisite italian design of the car (La Dolce Vita). Purely a creative exercise in using the various elements in an advertising context. I'll need to reflect on the development of the third, and final in the series, as I want to 'balance' the series for inclusion in my automotive portfolio. An element of surrealism is included in the construction of the image.
© Larrie Paul Tiernan / All rights reserved

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