Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Clothes Show Live 2011

The theatre show at the Clothes Show is quite raunchy. There is a excess of flesh rather than fashion and these are the male models! It is a visually spectacular, up-tempo and fast moving event. I only attended the one show @ 5.30pm, which as the final show, for the day, meant that no other photographers were in the pit. Set-up had to be quick and I broke most of my usual rules on my camera settings. The Jpeg file type allows for fast shooting and keeping the eye to the camera, I was able to concentrate on a single shot setting and used spot metering on the models faces. This is in contrast to my experiences as a theatre photographer in London, using a film camera and pushing the ASA/ISO to 1600 to produce images from Lindsey Kemp's stage production, entitled 'Flowers', at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (way back). The ISO here is 1250 and with slight noise reduction (Adobe Camera Raw). The whole experience is very liberating and you don't stop to check the screen. Every exposure was spot on, and enables the photographer to concentrate on getting the precise moment. Further images can be found here. The final selection blew away anything that I had done in the Clothes Show area. The student show was disappointing, compared to previous years and the other catwalks were mainstream and not really challenging the boundaries of fashion.

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