Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jaguar Shoot

The Jaguar Heritage Centre, hosted a workshop by Tim Wallace demonstrating the lighting of highly reflective surfaces, using electronic flash. The showroom exhibition contains many classic Swallow Sidecar/Jaguar models, spanning the history of the company. The first image is a personal take on Tim's distinctive lighting style. The strip light was angled towards the bonnet mascot to provide a contrast between the dark shape, creating a stronger definition. Critically the shape of the strip light could have been extended further along the bonnet to lessen the abrupt finish. The deep reflection of the Jaguar mascot adds a further interest within the metallic surface of the bonnet. 

The other three images are examples of a more personalised exploration of the 'close-up', attempting to capture the essence of the classic cars produced by Jaguar.

© Larrie Paul Tiernan / All rights reserved

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