Saturday, November 5, 2011

Light Trails

Experimental image using light trails within an advertising context. As a photographer it is important to push your concepts and technical abilities. Ideas can ferment and linger for quite a while. This image has been at an initial stage and I've been using the bottle with different lighting effects.  The CK Summer bootle is photographed separately from the light trials (shown below). Photographed on black velvet, using a black top and black glove. It was also useful that the torch had a black body. 

The bottle wasn't in perfect condition so some retouching on the s and u of summer. I also selected the text to add a layers adjustment layer to slightly lighten the wording.

Three trails brought together from the 29 images taken for this shot. Using blending modes and clipping masks, I was able to alter the original colour (WB - Flash). Once you have done a number of these, it is possible to use them in a variety of contexts.

© Larrie Paul Tiernan / All rights reserved 

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