Friday, July 29, 2011

Landscape Photography

An area sufficiently close to the West Midlands for exploring the varied techniques of Landscape photography is the Peak District of Derbyshire. Travels usually take me to international locations. I enjoy the experience of working inside a different cultural environment and trying to pick up the language of that culture. The unique landscape of the British Isles provides some amazing locations. Using a bicycle I manage to get relatively close to my targeted location by railway and then cycle the remainder of the way. I've been concentrating on using my converted Nikon D70 (Infra Red) camera, but wanted to get back to basics and explore the possibilities of creating a personal style. One of my projects as a student (1973-76) was wandering across Dartmoor with a tent, a camera and a tripod chasing the changing light of a quintessential English Landscape. An example from this period can be found here.

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