Friday, April 1, 2011

Anatomy of a Concept - Nottambulo

Creating a photographic image is fraught with decisions and overcoming practical issues and challenges to formulating a creative solution. This particular image started with photographing the motorcycle in the studio. The highly reflective surface provided technical considerations, in relation to lighting and possible blown out highlights. The bottom image shows the final cutout and an extreme angle from which the photograph was taken. By rotating the image in the final composite it provided a more dynamic perspective for the motorbike.

The Panorama, which eventually constituted the background, was conceived of as a night time shot.  The problem with photographing at night is digital noise. Using a fill layer technique it was possible to simulate a night scene, while holding the integral quality of the daylight image. 

The lighting for the studio portrait held the elements for the final production of the composite. This included the use of a strip light softbox, producing an inverted Z on the helmet. The portrait was shot with a Hasselblad HD3-39 to accentuate the quality of the portrait in the final image.

Final touches included the translucency of the windscreen and the addition of the beam to the motorcycle. There will be one final twist to bring this image into the series 'Accipitridae'..

Model: Ziggy Tashi

© Larrie Paul Tiernan / All rights reserved

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